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1.being both male and female; hermaphroditic.

2.having both masculine and feminine characteristics.

3.having an ambiguous sexual identity.

4.neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance:

the androgynous look of many rock stars.

5.Botany. having staminate and pistillate flowers in the same inflorescence.

19 NOV 2013


Androgyny is a term that originates from Greek word ανήρ, which means man, and γυνή, meaning woman. It is referred to combination of male and female characteristics. Androgynous is a person who does not fit in gender categories of masculinity and femininity, culturally defined and determined rules of how male and female should behave in the certain society and culture. Many androgynies identify being mentally in between man and woman, gender-neutral, non-gendered, ant-gendered, inter-gendered, gender-queer, multi-gendered, pan-gendered or simply gender fluid.

Androgyny is a personality which holds a balance of feminine and masculine

characteristics. An androgynous person would be comfortable displaying both

characteristics and able to move back and forth between the two. Some

feminists have advocated gender androgyny as a source of liberation from

polarized cultural ideas of masculine and feminine.




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