Now, it is my second week at CULC. So far, I am really enjoying this program (both lectures and seminars) and find something interesting topics for discussion.

This week, I took my first time of presentation in the Marketing in Global Age module. My group chose  ZARA as the topic of presentation. We had to look at the brand here in the UK and compare it to how it  is marketed and sold in other countries. Due to my group members all  being from China,we are focused on the  Chinese market. We were analyze this company by use 7P’s Model. All of my group members did not have the fashion marketing background, so it is the challenge for us. In the beginning, we could not understand what  the 7P’s are. During the research of my presentation work, I found it very interesting. Notwithstanding, we divided the work I still had to understand the whole knowledge of ZARA because the 7P’s are related to each part.

I was started  to look at the WGSN website to understand it and tried to use it  to examples of the androgyny trend. It is a great website I can find different fashion trends here and gain some  knowledge of the  fashion industry. This website does not  only focus on  fashion, but also lifestyle, interior and so on. Also, I can improve my writing skills by look ing at the blogs on  WGSN.

For me, it is an enjoyable program and I made new friends with different backgrounds, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the term and what it will bring.