Before research doing researches about Androgyny, I have some understandings of this word.  I consider that Androgyny is both a internal and external matter. A person can be androgyny by the interests, habitats, activities, tastes, characters and etc. Also, a person can be androgyny by his/her looks,  such as clothes, make up, hairstyle, behaviors and so on. Thus, I think androgyny are both physical and psychology.

I think, there are much more reasons of being androgyny. Here are some examples and my simple understandings.

The first image is ladyboy in Thailand. The ladyboy has both male and female characters and also they dress the womenswear. The reason why I chose this image because I think the ladyboy shows the ‘physical androgyny’. They have both male and female features. For example, they have male’s voice but with long hairstyle and wear the dress.

Thai Ladyboy

The second image is a androgynous male model -Tima Marso, he is from Moscow, Russia. He is not a gay, even he wears the womenswear and make up like a lady, he has a girlfriend. Because of the work, he needs dressing the womenswear. I think it is the vision of present ‘androgyny’.

Photography of Tima Marso

The third image is a Chinese star who’s named Fan Bingbing, she wears the suits and makes the dark, wide browns and looks masculine. She just one of dressing androgynous style people. Why girls cannot wear suits like the man, why girls like dressing jeans, boyfriend style shirts and doesn’t like dress? Because androgynous clothes much more loose, comfortable, etc. Also, much more boys like dress pink shirts, shorts or tied clothes, they’re not a gay, they just like it.

Photos by Chen Man

For my understandings, androgynous style is a trend of who wear the unisex clothes. I like wear the loose T-shirt because it more comfortable and convenience. Boys, who like wear the jeans just because it can make their posture looks more sexy and perfect, because womenswear are much more fit body. Androgyny is nothing on sexual orientation, just a way to show their bodies and dressing hobbies.


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