In order to understand ‘androgyny’ in depth, we have in-store research event that by chose a sample look as the object of reference and made a selection of four different shops based on their segmentation, targets, and brand positioning (luxury, high-end, and middle-class and lower positioning brand) next Thursday. As requested by the tutor, the selected shops are all located in Oxford Street, as this location is characterized by high population and different fashion styles, which can be beneficial for our research. Our group choose Gucci, The Kooples, Mango and H&M as the research projects. I will give the justification of these choices.

1. Gucci 

Positioning: Luxury Brand

Reason: Because it presented an androgynous collection in its runway show for the last season, so it can give us an easy access to pertinent information about the subjects.

The new designer at Gucci is Alessandro Michele, replacing Frida Giannini. The 70’s vintage feel returnS to the runway with the tie front blouse, the beret, and all the 70’s bells and whistles. The Gucci girl has an eccentric side for fall. One who seems to collect her wardrobe at an estate sale or at a vintage store? For fall Gucci is about fur trimmed, vintage color, Tie front blouses, chunky retro jewelry, thick-rimmed glasses, military leaning, botanic print dresses and colorful coats.(Twomuchstyle,2016)

Gucci Fall Winter 2015



2. The Kopples

Positioning: High-end Brand

Reason: This brand identifies itself as “every couple’s best friend”, which was contributed to its advertising onslaught depicting the dramatic stories of cool couples (Nicoll, 2014). The brand has a wide range of unisex collection filling up with tailored rock-star jackets, crisp shirts, and skinny jeans.

The Couples Collection



3. Mango

Positioning: Middle-class Brand

Reason: With a youthful spirit and a modern philosophy, Spanish brand Mango’s designs personify the latest trends. Simple lines and clean-cut silhouettes feature prominently across its cool tailoring, covetable denim and dresses. (Asos, 2016)

Mango Office Lookbook Fall-Winter 2015/2016 suggests the new officewear collection for women distinguished by effortless elegance with a touch of softness in relaxed mood. Discover here in Fashionbashon the perfect elements of the season for statement attitude in the office.(Vanessa,2015)

Mango Officewear Collection Fall Winter 2015/16



4. H&M. 

Positioning: Lower

Reason: This brand is characterized by its diversity of styles. As the essence of fast fashion lies in the massive production based on the fashion trends of front-end, we would like to know whether the current trends in the fashion industry reflect the conception of androgyny.

H&M unveils a new lookbook called ‘Modern Craft’, which focuses on folk style with embroidery, fringe and lace. Starring models Aneta Pajak and Ophélie Guillermand, the looks are boho influenced with embellished skirts, oversized sweaters and long tunics. For footwear, strappy sandals and wedges are perfect companions for these sunny day styles.(Guide, S. 2016)

H&M ‘Modern Craft’  Lookbook





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