This week, I began writing  my  literature review. It is my first time  trying to achieve this. I have  written essays before  when I  was at university with the undergraduate degree. During  last week’s class,  the tutor gave us  the introduction of literature reviews so that I know it is totally different from an essay. In the essay, I need to give the point and the examples. But in the literature review, it shows what I read and the critical reviews. My research question is ‘Is androgyny a macro a trend?’. It is an interesting topic that people consider the new trend of fashion. Because English is not my first language, so this is a big problem for me as well. I have to spend much more time in reading, writing and proofreading. Nevertheless, I will try my best! Further more, I will try to use more professional words to write both literature reviews and blog posts.

In this week’s seminar,  the tutor gave us some examples of portfolio from previous students. There are two good examples and two bad examples.  The portfolio  includes the skills audit form, PDP form, literature review, questionnaire, in store confirmation with justifications research findings and presentation slides. Compare these good and bad portfolios, I notice that the attitude is essential. Even I cannot guarantee my work is correct or best in the class, but I have to do my best and give the categorical attitude.

Additionally, I watched the video of ‘The evolution of androgyny in fashion’ in class. It a great example which  is useful for writing a  literature review. Here’s the link I would like to share this video.


YouTube. (2013). The Evolution of Androgyny in fashion. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Nov. 2016].