This week we are required in store research for APS course. Each team has to chose 4 shops which are positioning of low, middle, high and luxury brand. In my team, we are chose H&M, Mango, The Kooplers, Gucci. We are going to find the ‘Androgyny’ goods in this 4 different position brands, and try to find commons.

Also I went to an event called ‘LS:N Global Trend Brief’ on Wednesday and write a review. Here’s my review:

This week, I went to an event called ‘LS:N Global Trend Brief’. It was a talk based on the backlash culture.  The speakers were present three different macro trends – Backlash Brands, Gen Viz and The E-motional Economy. Each trend was coming with Trend Drivers, Trend Impact and Trend Future. This event is helping me to understand what backlash is and deep analysis of the three macro trend.
During the event, the advertising which impressed me most is HomeAway. The video focuses on the topic of ‘ It’s your holiday, why share it?’ aims to aims to differentiate the vacation rental company from other home-sharing platforms. By comparing the share and non-share holiday to express the negative of sharing then, highlighted the company – HomeAway whose purpose to provide the private house to costumers. Notwithstanding the ad does not mention Airbnb by name, but by comparing the difference to against the sharing economy ethos it promotes. It provides an example of backlash brand that the companies are creating subversive advertising to communicate powerful messages and undermine their competitors. In my opinion, it is a good advertising to promote the company, even it mocks the competitor, but at least not repulsive. There’s another type of advertising which by producing the controversial subject to promote the brand awareness. There is no question that it is a successful marketing strategy that to change from an unknown brand to household name.
There is another tendency appears me which is Gen Viz. Nowadays, internet becomes an indispensable part of our life. Companies consider use social media to advertise their products/services. It is a new trend different from traditional advertising such as TV ad and billboard. In fact, internet gives customers a wide choice to look for their requirements. On the other hand, the organizations as well as get massive opportunities and inspirations. For instance, it is much more convenient for organizations to compare their competitors and improve themselves. Also, due to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media are produced, organization can promote the products by these platforms. As I know, Burberry streamed the fashion show live on Apple TV in January. Also, the company has secured a prominent spot on Snapchat by running its very own Discover channel. It is an innovation for Burberry group and good example in the fashion industry.
To conclude that, notwithstanding nowadays consumers increasingly difficult to satisfy. It is time to consider how to choose the customer demand and the brand’s own style.In my opinion, no matters how choices.Brands are required to recognize their own position and do enough market research with the internal analysis.

Actually, it is a really busy week, we are ask for submit our first assignment on Week 6 (Next week). The report for me is difficult to write, due to lack of writing skill and vocabulary. I will try my best of it and the assignment feedback will reflect am I achieve my PDP.

Later this week, I will update my in store research findings.



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