There is a major research topic of APS class is exploring weather the ‘Androgyny’ is a macro trend. Last Thursday, we were visited 4 shops which all located on Oxford Street. After organizing the works, we found that weather the luxury brand, high-end brand or high street brand, they all provide the androgyny styles in store. And the black color is the main color with high volume of designs. Here is the graph shows our group in-store research findings.


On the other hand, in order to get the result of my research topic, I made a questionnaire below. I use the three looks in the beginning in order to know how the other people think about the androgyny. Actually, these three looks are all androgyny style, but only  four of 23 participants attacked by first looks. In my opinion, the androgyny styles are more acceptable now. I also think the celebrities play an important role in the market, customer may chose the androgyny style because of the celebrity endorsement. Btw, by the result of both in store search and questionnaire, I found that androgyny is the macro trend now.

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Here’s the result of my questionnaire:

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This Monday, I got the first time of assignment which is a group presentation and 1500 words report. We chose Burberry as the research topic. During the work, I found this program (International Fashion Marketing) is really attracted me. My previous major is interior and special design which I was thought I really interested and will take the job in the future. During the 3 years’ study, I know it is not suitable for me, because it’s difficult to find something inspired me and present in my work. I feel tired and change to this program. Thank goodness, I find what is my true love! I’m so happy to choose this course. Even there’re too many works/assignment come together, even it is a busy course, I still feel happy and during the study I know lots about business and fashion brands. Also, in the APS course, tutor give us lots of examples of how to write a literature review, research findings, etc. Which I never learned before and really useful for me.

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