There are two assignments in week 7. One is group debate about ‘Marketing in global age’. Another is a group presentation of the APS class. Also, these two assignments are the final work of group work in term 1. I would like to say “Finally! I did the group work and no more in this term.” During the group work, I found that it is really difficult to take a balance with my group members. These two assignments I work with two different groups. I have to make good relationship with 9 people and tried my best work has extremely patience as well. Because some members are not working hard, or not easy to get communication. Actually, I’m not an initiative person, but in order to have a good grade by assignment, I need more activity in the group even I become the leader which I never thought about before. Due to the assignment brief of debate changed again and again, we start the work last Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, I obtain the information of APS’s presentation. It really ordeal my time management. It is a challenge, also a chance to improve my teamwork and time management skill. Here’s the presentation slide of APS. We are going to prove the Androgyny is a macro trend from both primary research and secondary research. The presentation is not appropriate I think, because our group didn’t practice before the presentation and we are over the time.

I will show the presentation slides here and explain what we do.

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Our group presentation going to talk about “Is Androgyny a macro trend?”. Firstly, we a give the introduce of understanding of fashion industry – “definition, how they use trend”. Then, we are present the timeline and some famous people with Androgyny. Third part is our group research findings. We do both in store research and questionnaire survey. And finally, we are focus on the SS2017 collections. By all the research findings, our group give the conclude that Androgyny is a macro trend now and have positive impacts in fashion industry.