I already wrote lots and research lots about androgyny in fashion (womenswear and menswear). To be honest, when I get this topic, I was thought it is about clothing so that I only research about it. After the group presentation, um…about 2 weeks ago, I start to think about is any other thing in androgynous style as well? Thus, I begin to think about whether any products in androgyny. Sometimes, I feel my thinking system is too close that I only focus on one aspect rather than consider wildly. It caused that I lost some information which I can present in my our presentation. But now, I want to post them on my blog and hope it’s not too late.


Lipstick, it is hard to think about the androgyny in lipstick. In my opinion, it is exclusive for women and cannot make any masculine elements especially colors. Tom Ford, change my perspective. Tom Ford Lips & Boys is an exclusive limited-edition collection of 50 miniature-sized (or ‘clutch size’ as Mr Ford likes to call them) lip sticks inspired by and named after the men – past and present – in Tom Ford’s life. Addison was Mr Ford’s first crush; Richard is the love of his life and husband. Alexander, is his 2-year old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford. Tomas is Ford’s nephew and Rory is his best friend. Just to name a few.(Bun, 2014)

Tom Ford Lips&Boys 2015 Collection


Les Infusions de Prada is the Italian luxury brand’s latest fragrance range. The scent collection is described as genderless and embraces the fashion industry’s latest obsession with unisex marketing.
Blurring gender lines, this perfume collection boasts six fragrances that redefine that way consumers experience scent. Viewing gender-focused products as a cliche, Prada’s Daniela Andrier created the Les Infusions de Prada fragrance range in an attempt to appeal to a broader market.
The collection will feature three of Prada’s existing fragrances along with three new scents that include Iris, Oeillet and Amande along with Fleur d’Oranger, Iris Cèdre and Vetiver. Following in the footsteps of genderless retailers like Selfridges, this scent collection celebrates self-expression and understands consumers’ desire for experimentation.(Jana,2015)

Les Infusions de Prada



Accessories including bags, shoes, eyewear and so on give us lots of androgynous designs.

Unisex eyewear styles had their heyday in previous decades when a certain androgyny in the fashion world meant men’s and women’s clothing and accessories took cues from one another.In recent seasons, that philosophy has changed dramatically. Styles sauntering down the men’s and women’s fashion runways are much more distinguishable as masculine and feminine. Prescription eyeglasses, too, have followed a similar path.However, plenty of unisex eyeglass options are still available that will appeal to both men and women. In fact, some optical shops even have sections of their store devoted to unisex frames.Many styles are neutral, but daring designs with decorative temples also can blur the line between genders.(Morgan,2016)

2015 New Fashion Sun Glasses by AliExpress


Tote bag, which with simple cut and suitable for everyone. It also is my favorite bag when I go to uni. The tote bag is the most versatile bag you will ever own. There are hundreds of uses for a good tote bag, a large bag that I can take anywhere and fit anything into, and both women and men all like this collection. (Sarah,2013)

Street Looks with Tote Bag





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