There were no lectures and seminars in week 8, but we had the business simulation. It was a really great experience and my team was winning the game. When we arrived on Thursday morning, we were divided into four different business groups with separate departments. Each team with four departments which are Administration, Sales, Product Develop and Production. I was chosen for production department. Before we start, tutor introduced the brief and given roles for us. Every department has different roles. For me, I was given to make the greeting cards because I am in production. But the main point of the simulation was that we were working in the greeting card business which had gained and lost profit.The whole process was administration team count everything and sales get the orders from customers(Mass Market, Special Market, High Market), then production development team will design the order and then my team can start the work.

After the briefing introduction, we start the business and each group was given 20mins working time. In the first cycle, each ‘business’ team got the same requirements that we all need to make 11 greeting cards. The requirement briefly shown the size, contexts, colors, image and all the details.

Everyone was confused what should we do and how to do it. Therefore, all the business teams were failed in this cycle and lost profit.

The second round, we got the right way to make greeting card and other departments’ members understood how to work as well. So our team is the only one who gained the profit and had huge numbers of orders from customers (50 items of greeting cards). Before the last round start, we were given opportunities to contact with customers and got the further requires from them. Due to the huge orders. There were 4 more members from other departments were jointly in production. Everyone responds different roles like someone cut paper, someone coloring and someone writing text. Finally, we were delivered 30 cards to customers, 28 to mass market and 2 to a high market. Have to say. We were the only group who rejected the goods by high market customers because the cards quality was reduced. However, finally, we won the business simulation game.

What did I learn from Business Simulation?

During the day, I know the working process of a business team and the production department is really important but every department is related and dependent on each other success. Also, teamwork is important and the key point to get success. I found the interesting thing that it is a chance of work with different people with diverse characteristics. I learned how to make a balance in the teamwork and I tried my best to listen each member and finish my work. It is quite funny day and exceptional experience I got.