It will be my last post on this blog due to I am the end of my first term at CULC. Thank you very much for following my blog.

The week 9 and week 10 are the last two weeks of term 1. During this term, I learned so much value knowledge. My previous major is interior and spatial design and the university much more focused on the ‘art’. Now, I learned something ‘business’. I had three modules in term 1 which are ‘Sustainable Strategy’, ‘Marketing in Global Age’ and ‘APS’. The first two modules are focussed on teaching me about business’s knowledge and the APS course is teaching me the professional academic skills of presentation, writing, researching and so on. I really enjoy this term, especially the APS course because the tutor gave me lots information/examples and value knowledge. All these three modules gave me new information which totally different from my undergraduate degree.

The university also gave us so many sources to help us preparation for getting a future job. They organized an event called ‘Digital Fashion Dialogues’ on week 8. There are some guests with unique works. It is a great opportunity to face to face contact with my interested fields. One of my chosen guests is a freelance/fashion editor from Vogue. Another  is working in marketing buying. I am interesting in working with social media or become a fashion buyer so that I choose these two guests. Freelance told us she needs on trip every day and contact with social media, designers, then she had to write articles. I like on a trip every day, but I hate writing. Thus, I think I would not be an editor in the future. (Maybe? Something will happen you never know) The buyer of marketing told us she is a buyer of raw materials. Actually, it is not my interested aspect because I would like to be a buyer of the department. Notwithstanding I didn’t get useful information of my dream job, but I know exactly what I wouldn’t be. It is better that I find the problem when I have the job. Then, I have career tutorial and got the job advices from the tutor which according to my educational background and my personal SWOT analysis.

These last two weeks are crazy busy due to there are three modules’ assignments come together and I have totally 4500 words reports of two separate modules. Be bound to say that, thanks my APS tutor gave us the time for work in the class.

It is my last post, and thanks again for who’s follow my blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!