Androgynous Trend Exploring

——by Yinuo Wu


Learning Journal

The End… -Learning Journal Week 9 & 10

It will be my last post on this blog due to I am the end of my first term at CULC. Thank you very much for following my blog. The week 9 and week 10 are the last two weeks... Continue Reading →


Business Simulation -Learning Journal Week 8

There were no lectures and seminars in week 8, but we had the business simulation. It was a really great experience and my team was winning the game. When we arrived on Thursday morning, we were divided into four different... Continue Reading →

After Assignment Submission – Learning Journal Week 7

  There are two assignments in week 7. One is group debate about ‘Marketing in global age'. Another is a group presentation of the APS class. Also, these two assignments are the final work of group work in term 1.... Continue Reading →

Questionnaire & In-store Research Findings -Learning Journal Week 6

There is a major research topic of APS class is exploring weather the ‘Androgyny’ is a macro trend. Last Thursday, we were visited 4 shops which all located on Oxford Street. After organizing the works, we found that weather the... Continue Reading →

Trend briefing Event – Learning Journal Week 5

This week we are required in store research for APS course. Each team has to chose 4 shops which are positioning of low, middle, high and luxury brand. In my team, we are chose H&M, Mango, The Kooplers, Gucci. We... Continue Reading →

Learning Journal Week 4

This week, I began writing  my  literature review. It is my first time  trying to achieve this. I have  written essays before  when I  was at university with the undergraduate degree. During  last week's class,  the tutor gave us  the... Continue Reading →

Personal Development Plan

Development Objective One: IMPROVE MY SPEAKING SKILLS Priority: Crucial What activities do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives? I need interact with people who is from the English country. Also, I need speak English frequently. What support/resources do... Continue Reading →

Learning Journal Week 2

Now, it is my second week at CULC. So far, I am really enjoying this program (both lectures and seminars) and find something interesting topics for discussion. This week, I took my first time of presentation in the Marketing in... Continue Reading →

New in Fashion -Learning Journal week 1

As  someone with an interior design background, it is the first time to come into contact with fashion. I feel  like I am lacking valuable  knowledge about fashion and how it influences trends, lifestyles and our daily choices. I  am... Continue Reading →

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